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After thousands of years in the warp, the space hulk Gallowdark has emerged into realspace. This colossal, moon-sized derelict is formed from the merged carcasses of countless drifting voidships, and its dark depths hold enormous wealth and terrifying dangers alike for those courageous – or foolhardy – enough to explore them. Kill teams of elite operatives stalk each other through those winding, maze-like corridors, ducking through rusted hatchways as they seek plunder and victory.

Killzone: Gallowdark is a scenery expansion set for Kill Team, providing an array of space hulk terrain to build your labyrinthine killzones. This modular system of detailed walls, connecting pillars, and hatchway doors that open or close can be arranged in a huge variety of configurations. This set provides everything you need to create different room and corridor layouts perfectly suited to each mission, with glueless assembly allowing you to adjust their positioning in-game.

Also included is a double-sided gaming board, as well as a set of additional terrain pieces such as barricades, dynamos, and power panels – previously only available in the Kill Team: Into the Dark boxed set, and essential to playing the missions found within the Kill Team: Into the Dark rule book. It's the ideal way to begin or expand your Kill Team terrain collection.

This kit comprises 180 plastic components, with which you can build:
- 1x Gallowdark modular terrain set, comprising 34 terrain pieces:
– 4x Short Walls with Hatchway and Pillars (2 different designs)
– 2x Short Walls with Hatchway
– 2x Long Walls with Hatchway and Pillars
– 2x Long Walls with Hatchway
– 2x Long Walls with Pillars
– 2x Long Walls
– 2x Short Walls
– 16x Pillars
– 2x Wall Ends

20x Killzone: Into the Dark terrain pieces:
– 2x Overhead Pipes
– 2x Broken Pipes
– 2x Power Panels
– 2x Control Panels
– 2x Tanks
– 2x Pipes
– 2x Dynamos
– 6x Into the Dark Barricades

1x double-sided game board: Set up your terrain on this folding cardboard game board measuring 704mm x 607mm, depicting the battle-scarred deck plating of a space hulk on both sides.

The contents of this set are supplied unassembled and unpainted – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints. However, be aware that some elements require glueless assembly.