• Kill Team: Termination

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Kill Team: Termination

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This box contains two full kill teams: the Hernkyn Yaegirs – hardy scouts from the Leagues of Votann – and Genestealer Cults Brood Brothers. The first of these is an all-new unit using new sprues, while the second force is made of the existing Cadian Infantry frames with new Brood Brothers upgrade parts, plus some other existing miniatures from the Genestealer Cults range.

You also get an 88-page rulebook containing lore and rules for both teams, plus new missions and other additional rules, as well as two complete token sheets for both factions, two sets of datacards for the individual operatives, two decks of assets, tactical ploys, and strategic ploys, and two transfer sheets containing hundreds of decals for each faction. There are also some new terrain pieces: two Termination Plasma Genatoriums.