• Legions Imperialis: Solar Auxilia Battle Group

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Legions Imperialis: Solar Auxilia Battle Group

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Space Marines not your style? Tackle the Age of Darkness via the best human troops in the galaxy with the Solar Auxilia Battle Group, a massive collection of miniatures that will have you showing those Legiones Astartes upstarts who’s boss in no time. The Battle Group contains, in no particular order: two Baneblade super-heavy tanks that can alternately be built as Hellhammers, 12 Rapier batteries, four Cyclops remote bombs, 12 Tarantula sentry guns, two Legate Commander bases, eight Auxiliary bases, four Veletarii bases, four Auxiliary bases with flamers, four Charonite Ogryn bases, four Aethon Heavy Sentinels, six Dracosan transport tanks, and eight Leman Russ Strike tanks outfitted with battle cannons or Vanquisher cannons