• Necromunda: Dramatis Personae Cards 1
  • Necromunda: Dramatis Personae Cards 1

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Necromunda: Dramatis Personae Cards 1


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Around the taverns and backstreets of Necromunda there are certain names that every ganger knows – legendary Hired Guns whose deeds are spoken of with hushed awe. These are the most feared names in the underhive and, for the right fee, will aid House gangs in their fight for survival.

This set contains 25 Fighter cards, one for each of all the Dramatis Personae Hired Guns that are currently available in the game of Necromunda. Also included is a blank Fighter card, allowing you to create your own Hired Gun, using the rules presented in Necromunda: Gangs of the Underhive. Each card is a handy reference, detailing the fighter's profile, weapons, wargear, skills and cost.

The pack contains 26 cards representing the following Hired Guns:
– Yolanda Skorn, Bounty Hunter
– Krotus Hark, Bounty Hunter
– Yar Umbra, Bounty Hunter
– Grendl Grendlsen, Bounty Hunter
– Kal Jericho, Bounty Hunter
– Scabs, Hive Scum
– Aramista Dae Catallus, Bounty Hunter
– Arbelesta Raen Catallus, Bounty Hunter
– Mortanna Shroud, Bounty Hunter
– Apollus Kage, Bounty Hunter
– Freikstorn Strix, Bounty Hunter
– Rex Spires, Bounty Hunter
– Vorgen 'Gunner' Mortz, Bounty Hunter
– Thaetos 23-2, Bounty Hunter
– Grub Targeson, Hive Scum
– Mad Dog Mono, Hive Scum
– Kria Kytoro, Escher Bounty Hunter
– Slate Merdana, Orlock Bounty Hunter
– Macula, Cyber-Mastiff
– Baertrum Arturos, Bounty Hunter
– Ortrumm 8-8, Bounty Hunter
– Belladonna, Bounty Hunter
– The Deserter, Bounty Hunter
– Eyros Slagmyst, Bounty Hunter
– Gor Half-horn, Bounty Hunter
– Blank Fighter card for creating your own Hired Gun