• SkyRC Quattro Micro AC/DC Charger


SkyRC Quattro Micro AC/DC Charger

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  SkyRC Quattro Micro AC/DC Charger


If you are a serious micro flier then you want a serious charger. The Quattro Micro can charge four 1S Li-Pos simultaneously and independently. Each circuit can deliver an adjustable current of between 0.1A and 1.0A (4W) and sockets accommodate most of the popular batteries on the market. Input power can come from the mains (100 - 240V) or a 11V – 15V DC source. The LED display will tell you the capacity charged, voltage and the charging current. It will change to FULL at completion of the charge.

• Charge 4 1S Li-Po batteries at once completely independently
• 4 different connector types Micro, Micro Reverse, MX & mCPX
• Powered by 12V DC or 240V AC


  • Connectors: Micro, Micro Reverse, MX & mCPX
  • Input Voltage: 11 - 12V AC & 100 - 240V DC
  • Weight: 280g
  • Max. Peak Current (Amps): 0.1 - 1A (4W)
  • Dimensions: 132 x 100 x