• UHU White Tack 50g


UHU White Tack 50g


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UHU White Tack allows you to stick paper or small objects to a multitude of surfaces around the home, office or school with ease.

  • Fixes pictures, notes, memos, cards and decorations to walls.
  • Holds ornaments, telephones, message pads, plant pods etc. firmly down on surfaces.
  • Keeps small items in place.


  • Tear off the required quantity and knead until it is soft and warm. Place UHU White Tack on item to be held and press firmly where UHU White Tack has been applied. To remove, gently peel away the UHU White Tack, roll off excess by dabbing with further UHU White Tack.
  • Surface must be clean and dry. Do not use UHU White Tack on absorbent, silk-screen printed, hand stencilled wall paper, recently decorated or delicate surfaces (e.g. interior plaster). On some surfaces UHU White Tack may leave an oily mark but this can sometimes be removed by lighter fuel. The adhesive qualities of UHU White Tack increase with time, so take care when removing it after a period of time. Try on a small sample first.