• Vallejo Model Air - Burnt Umber


Vallejo Model Air - Burnt Umber

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The Model Air formula offers qualities not yet available in a water-based acrylic. Its resistance, hardness and hiding power is optimal for airbrushing. 
The grinding of the Model Air pigments provides the modeller with technical security and a high degree of finesse when applied to their models. The special fineness of Model Air also results in a special quality for its application with brush for details in miniatures, washes, transparencies and applications in diluted layers.
The colors can be mixed together and can be diluted with water, Model Air Diluent, Model Air Varnish or alcohol, depending on the desired result. In any case, we suggest a mixture with Model Air Diluent to preserve the properties of the color. Model Air has an exceptional behavior on all supports. The adhesion of the paint on models of resin, plastic, steel and white metal is extraordinary. 
Once protected with varnishes (matte, satin or glossy) the colors resist oil, enamels, pure turpentine and even light washings with alcohol. The friction resistance of Model Air is superior to that of any other water-based acrylic color.