• Vallejo Model Air White 17ml


Vallejo Model Air White 17ml

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Model Air is a range of liquid acrylic colors developed especially for airbrush techniques with very finely ground pigments and an acrylic resin with properties of extreme resistance and durability.

The formula contains a new acrylic resin with properties until now impossible to obtain in a water based acrylic. The resistance hardness and covering power of Model Air is superior to any known acrylic for airbrushing.

The pigments used for airbrush colors need to be ground to the finest possible consistency to avoid obstruction of the airbrush valves. The revolutionary milling process of the pigments used in the Model Air formula gives the model painter technical assurance and finest texture when applying the colors to the model and produces a very superior quality when applying the colors with a brush for minuscule details for washes and transparencies and layered application of diluted glazes.