• West Wings Sapphire Balsa Kit
  • West Wings Sapphire Balsa Kit

West Wings

West Wings Sapphire Balsa Kit


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If you're into high performance, duration, rubber powered models, the West Wings Sapphire is for you.

Styled with a blend of classic and modern lines the Sapphire extracts amazing performance from it's 825mm (32.5") span. The high lift, dihedral tip wing design ensures the best lift and stability attributes without excessive drag. These are the aim of any high performance design and our experience makes sure that the Sapphire delivers! The built-up tailplane is both effective and practical with elastic band location. The wings are fixed in the same way so that landing damage is minimised and carriage to and from the flying field is easy.

Construction is from the conventional formers and strip built over the plan. All formers and ribs come in pre-cut balsa sheets, so no tiresome cutting out to do! The strength comes from the tissue covering, which is actually easier to do than you'd think. Alternatively, you can use one of the latest, super-lightweight, heat shrink coverings if you are familiar with them. Care should be taken not to distort the lightweight structure with this method.

Join the world of duration rubber modelling with the West Wings Sapphire.

  • Wingspan: 825 mm (32.5")
  • High Performance Rubber Powered Duration Model
  • Scale:1:18
  • Balsa wood
  • Covering material
  • Plastic Propeller
  • Rubber Motor (Band)
  • Wheels
  • Spinner
  • Canopy
  • Detailing (e.g decals and plastic molded sections


  • Balsa cement
  • Craft knife
  • Model pins
  • Shrinking dope (for sealing tissue covering)
  • Brush for applying dope

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