• Callis & Toll: Saviours Of Cinderfall

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Callis & Toll: Saviours Of Cinderfall

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Callus and Toll have a job to do – protect Hammerhal Aqsha. A tough job made all the more difficult by a mysterious conspiracy involving casks of kingsblood ‘wine’ being stockpiled in the winding catacombs beneath the city. As they root out this evil, they are joined by the capable thief Lyssa Revenya, and spymaster  Mistress Verentia, The Weaver of Whispers. Valius, The Keeper Aqshia, Lord-Castellant lends his celestial strength to the cause and is joined by his loyal gryph-hound Balthas. Rules for using these miniatures in a Regiment of Renown can be found in Shadow of the Crone.*