• Daughters of khaine: Krethusa's Cronehost

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Daughters of khaine: Krethusa's Cronehost

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Gifted with the power of prophecy at the cost of her material sight, Krethusa the Croneseer is the herald of Morai-Heg, an ancient aelven god consumed by Slaanesh. With the aid of divine visions and shadowy magic Krethusa leads those who have defected from Morathi-Khaine’s side. This box pairs the new character with five Doomfire Warlocks (who can be built as Dark Riders) and 10 Sisters of Slaughter (who can be built as Witch Aelves), the perfect way to start an army of The Croneseer’s Pariahs, a new Army of Renown with rules in Shadow of the Crone.*