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Warcry: Pyre & Flood

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The battle for the Gnarlwood is no less nasty than the struggles occurring across Bheta-Decima, as we can see in the latest expansion box for Warcry. 

The Nighthaunt are determined to set the Gnarlwood aflame as the Pyregheists are unleashed. These malevolent spirits haunt dark places, bringing Nagash’s enlightenment in the form of, er, burning death. Fortunately, the Lumineth fire brigade is on the case, in the form of the Ydrilan Riverblades, sacred aelementors who defend blessed waterways across the realms. 

Will the Riverblades quench the Pyregheists’ thirst for vengeance, or will they go down in flames?

Warcry: Pyre and Flood contains two complete warbands, comprising 18 plastic miniatures, alongside an Idol of the Old Ones to add to your battlefields, a 64-page Warband Tome packed full of background and rules, and 62 cards, split across Fighter cards, Ability cards, and a full deck of Battleplan cards.